sleep good


bed time

bed time

The benefits of a good night sleep are obvious. Longer concentration span, quicker reactions, happier. I’m prone to being a little grumpy pre 11 am. This may be due to my natural disposition however it can be kept at bay by a good nights sleep.

Here are a few pointers i find work for me, atleast some of the time:

1. don’t eat large meals just before clambering into the sack, the body will struggle to digest when you’re lying flat out on your back.

2. try to avoid drinks with caffeine in as these will kick in just when you’re sheep start jumping. also, drinks last thing mean pit stops during the night.

3. make a list. jot down all those tasks/events/thoughts which you’ll worry about remembering until the morning. this helps to clear the mind ready to make room for some rich dreams.

4. arguments and serious conversations aren’t good in bed. tempting, as it’s a quiet time perhaps for you and your loved/not loved one, however it often leads to tension and anxiety which doesn’t make for a blissful night sleep.

5. take some end of the day deep breaths. this helps bring a conclusion to your day, then try and slow your breathing and in turn your heart rate down which helps relax the mind.

6. make your bedroom a place you want to be. stick up a few nice prints/paintings, puff up your pillows and have a good book or two by the bed.

7. open the window. even if just a little open, fresh air will help make you feel cosy and comfortable in bed and it’s good for you!

8. lastly, and possibly the most effective, is to try and keep your eyes open. sounds daft i know but you’ll soon see what i mean.

Especially in these hard times, it’s probably more important now then ever to make sure you get a good nights kip.


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