whinlatter trail – mountain biking


One hell of a blast! The whinlatter trail, completed mid summer 2008 is the latest addition to the Cumbrian mountain biking scene. Being from Brighton i have become soft riding the chalky, undulating hills of the south downs. Although a fan of the local southern pastures i was truly taken aback by the aggressive and raw feel to the mountains of north England.

Partly due to my lack of skill on a mountain bike i was introduced to downhilling in dense forestry, drop offs, steep banking turns and slate tracks. It was however fun, fast, muddy, snowy, steep and furious. I learn’t a lot.

Although this particular Altura trail is a red route (difficulty level) i still think it’s accessible to the majority of hearty an healthy folk. The bike shop at the top of the car park offers lessons, bike hire, head cam hire (see here for short vid of the track). Rocking up at the carpark i was a little intimidated by the amount of full sus bikes around but my trusty stead saw me through.

me @ start of whinlatter trail

me @ start of whinlatter trail

I would not be doing the area justice though without saying that Cumbria is a natural playing ground and although this man made trail is excellent there is a lot to be said for self exploration. Worth a look around Borrowdale for some more views like this…….

views to pedal for

views to pedal for


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