google reader and all that caper


google readerI hope being introduced to google reader will make it a little easier for everyone to enjoy my new blog ‘vanilla sponge’ with relative ease. Vanilla sponge hopes to offer a slice of whats nice, touching on crafts,culture and lifestyles.

Through word of mouth i was beginning to acquire a large bank of good cultural and artistic blogs. Fantastic. However, my ability to remember and organize all these blogs was seriously out of control. Now i’m sure this is no secret to the highly computer literate that, using google reader is great for organizing all your RSS feeds from interesting blogs. But, I have to assume that their are folk  like myself who rarely discover these things at their embryonic stages but once introduced are in awe of their efficiency.

Once signed up to a google account you can organize various elements of your life using the calendar, mail boxes, document folders and photo galleries. However, for the purpose of getting all your blogs organized in one place google reader is excellent. RSS feed icons can usually be found on your favourite blogs which will link through to your google reader account, otherwise you can copy and paste the URL to where it says ‘add a subscription’ at the top of your google reader page.

Once set up you only ever need to go to your reader account to follow all your favourite blogs. You can sort them into folders under ‘subscriptions’ and also star or rate feeds to make them easier to refer back to.


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